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Simonstown - Longbeach Hot

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The Simonstown Longbeach extends from the Simonstown Station, down up to the Dido Valley robots. It is a popular dive training spot due to the calm waters and the few wrecks that are in easy reach of the beach.

There is plenty parking along Main road or in the few parking areas close to the railway lines.The railway line runs almost on the beach here, making for good opportunities to capture some urban/coastal interface images.

Sunrise provide great seascape opportunities. When the Southern Right Whales are in False Bay, they can sometimes lie very close inshore, making for great photography. There is plenty wildlife to photograph along the beach, including birds, marine mammals and intertidal/rocky shore invertebrates.

There are a few treknet boats that launch from the northern end of the beach, that are moored high up on the beach. There are also a few fishing cabins/storerooms painted various colours. Remember to respect the fishermen and request permission to photograph them if they are busy launching etc.

This beach is also a good spot for photographing boats, including the naval boats leaving and entering the harbour.

Simonstown Longbeach | Photodestination | Boats


Simonstown Longbeach | Photodestination | Sunrise and Clouds


Simonstown Longbeach | Photodestination | Green rust


Best Time to Photograph
Sunrise is the time to photograph. When the whales are in False Bay, early to mid morning and late afternoon is also good.
Type of Photography
  • Birds
  • Beachscapes
Best Time of Year
All year round
Photographic Tips
There are several small fishing boats that launch from this beach. Be careful of approaching trains as there are no safety mechanisms near the railway lines. Make use of slow shutter speeds to capture wave action.
Recommended Gear
A tripod is a must for seascapes. Take protective covers for your camera gear if the wind is blowing.


Site Highlights
Each year Southern Right whales migrate into the coastal waters of the Western Cape to calve and nurse their young. The animals, often mere metres from the shore, provide unsurpassed whale watching opportunities between June and November.
Urban/Coastal interface.
Traditional Treknet Fishermen.


Season and Weather
The Capes' seasons are very distinct. Summers are hot and windy, winters are cool and rainy. All the seasons provide good photographic opportunities. Summers can be very wind with the southeaster blowing incessantly. This site is very well sheltered from westerly winds and swell, and fairly well sheltered from south easterly wind and waves.
Other Activities
  • swimming
  • Bird Watching
  • Whale watching
  • Diving


Closest Town
Getting There
Travel along Main road towards Simonstown. Just past the Dido Valley robots you can turn off main road (on the beach side) and park next to the railway line. Alternatively catch the Metrorail train to Simonstown and walk down towards the beach.


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Thanks for the great images. I live just above this beach and its great to see it mentioned as its a fantastic beach, especially for walking and swimming. Commented byRichard FMarch 23, 2012

An interesting article

Thanks for the great images. I live just above this beach and its great to see it mentioned as its a fantastic beach, especially for walking and swimming.

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