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This week Photodestination brings you a wildlife photography portfolio from an aspiring up and coming photographer. Laura Dyer began her photographic journey in 2009, after a trip to the Kruger National Park yielded many amazing sightings.

"It made me wish I could somehow capture the decisive moments, which we may only be privileged to see once in our lifetime. Since then I have barely let a free moment pass without a trip to photograph some amazing aspect of the Earth’s rich wildlife" says Laura.

I love photographing all forms of wildlife, but have a passion for predators, whether hyena, lion or the beautiful and powerful Polar and Brown bears. There is something about their fight for survival, and their hunting instinct that draws me in. My portfolio is heavily weighted toward leopard photos as these secretive cats are too beautiful to describe in words. Each time I see one, no matter how fleetingly, I get butterflies in my tummy. To capture even a furtive glance from a leopard keeps me out in the bush, come rain or sun.

The Kgalagadi, in Southern Africa, is my favourite destination: its red dunes and harsh environment completely captivating me. Every animal that survives there looks incredibly beautiful surrounded by the red sand. Recently I have begun planning trips to photograph in other parts of the world, last year having travelled around Svalbard in the high Arctic to photograph the Polar Bears, and spending time in specially designed photographic hides in Finland to photograph the Brown Bears.  I loved the stark environment of the Arctic so much I will be returning there next month.

An important aspect to photography is the awareness it raises for the wildlife around us, and if I can accomplish one thing through sharing my photos, I hope it’s an increased care toward our fragile planet. If we, as photographers, are not the custodians of nature, who will be?

Wherever my photographic journey leads me, I cannot wait.

Laura Dyer - Photodestination Wildlife Photography

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Laura Dyer - Photodestination Wildlife Photography



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Arne's passion for the environment, wildlife and conservation was instilled from an early age, leading to a career in nature conservation, first as a game ranger in the Natal Parks Board, a conservation officer with CapeNature and today in the City of Cape Town's Environmental Compliance Department. Photography is his creative medium of choice.