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Oceans of Life Photographic Competition 2015 Featured Hot

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When it comes to making an impact, beautiful imagery surpasses almost all other media. This is why the Oceans of Life Photographic Competition 2015 is the centrepiece of BirdLife South Africa’s Oceans of Life events. By submitting your images to this photographic competition, you are personally helping BirdLife in their mission to protect marine environments.

We invite photographers around the globe to enter this competition and send us your photographs that show how remarkable, diverse and inspiring nature is while also revealing that there’s more to marine biodiversity than meets the eye, reminding us how fragile life is and how vital caring for our environment is.

Included below are some of the stunning images entered into previous years competitions.

2 Revillegigado Islands San Benedicto Mexico

1 of 8: Seeing Eye to Eye by Bruce Shafer. Revillegigado Islands, San Benedicto, Mexico.

3 1258

2 of 8: Slinger Battalion taken by Geoff Spiby at Seven-Mile Reef in Sodwana Bay, South Africa.


By submitting to the Oceans of Life photographic competition you stand a chance of winning this awesome prize, sponsored by Aurora Expeditions. The Competition opens on 3 June 2015 and is a National Marine Week Initiative.

4 big ben and kings v4-4690

3 of 8: Big Ben Mountain and King Penguins taken at Heard Island in Antarctica by Gunther Riehle.

5 chins front-0970

4 of 8: Chins Front taken at Half Moon Island, Antarctica by Gunther Riehle. 


  • Creating awareness of the importance and plight of the marine environment targeting the general public and people of influence (teachers, corporates, decision makers etc);
  • Changing behaviour- providing people with concrete actions that they can take up to help the marine environment i.e. make it practical;
  • Create a groundswell of public demand for change in lifestyles and industry practices;
  • Mobilise resources for the Festival in general and conservation research;
  • Advocacy and Lobbying initiatives: targeting higher level decision makers for systemic change.

6 steven benjamin - oceans of life entry 5

5 of 8: Hound of the Ocean taken at Millers Point by Steven Benjamin.

7 1162

6 of 8: Green Turtle taken by Christopher Mason off Bird Island in the Seychelles.


  • For the public to be inspired by ocean life and how important it is to protect, use, sustain and treat responsibly/respectfully;
  • To leave with a newfound respect for the ocean, and how it affects me as an individual and the country as a whole in terms of job creation, food security, social issues, socio-economics, livelihoods, sustainability etc.
  • To develop an actively engaged society that is informed and inspired towards celebrating and sustaining our oceans.

10 1137

7 of 8: In the Limelight taken by Johan Siggesson at Fair Isle, Scotland. 

11 Puffin Royale Johan Siggesson

8 of 8: Puffin Royale taken by Johan Siggesson at Fair Isle, Scotland. 

For further information visit www.oceansoflife.co.za 


Peter Chadwick
Author: Peter ChadwickWebsite: http://www.peterchadwick.co.zaEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
As a dedicated conservationist, Peter Chadwick has 30 years strategic and operational conservation experience in terrestrial and marine protected area management. He has worked within all of the major biomes in southern Africa as well as having provided expert conservation advice at a global level. His conservation and wildlife photography is a natural extension to his conservation work where he has numerous opportunities to capture photographs that showcase the beauty and complexity of the outdoors. Peter’s photography is internationally recognized, with this work appearing globally in a wide range of print and electronic media.